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About Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University

Doctorance Career Guidance has been sending students for MBBS/MD/MS in KBSMU since several last years and we bring in some useful information for students who wish to take admission & study in KBSMU.
Kabardino Balkarian Medical State University is a coeducational and public research university located in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. It was founded on April 5, 1957. It is one of the largest universities in the North Caucasus.
KBSMU - Kabardino-Balkaria State University is one of the leading scientific, educational, informational, social and cultural University in Nalchik city of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic of Russian Federation. Kabardino-Balkaria State University annually produces about two thousand specialists. Kabardino-Balkaria State University formed in 1957 in Nalchik on the basis of Pedagogical college. On 50th anniversary Kabardino-Balkaria State University received Certificate of Merit and Medal from State Duma for its outstanding services and achievements. In 2008, the Kabardino-Balkaria State University enlisted in 100 best universities in Russia. In 2010, the Kabardino-Balkaria State University received an honorary diploma of the winner of All-Russian contest “100 Best University of Russia in the field of science and education”. Currently Kabardino-Balkaria State University operates the university complex as a new type of school, which combines different levels of educational institutions, implementing educational programs of higher, secondary, post-graduate and additional professional education. Today Kabardino-Balkaria State University holds 11 place among classical universities in Russia. Currently Kabardino-Balkaria State University has 67 departments with the teaching staff of 870 highly qaulified teachers, where 1800 students getting trained every year.
Since the early 70-ies of the Faculty has launched the admission of students from foreign countries: India, Jordan, Syria, and later from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, and South Korea.


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2800$ /year 450$ /year
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During these years, significantly expanded the clinical database. It was built in a rural area of ​​a hospital complex. In modern buildings are located TB, neuropsychiatric, STI clinic, cardiology center, perinatal center and the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital. Due to the construction of new buildings has expanded the number of beds in the network of municipal hospitals of Nalchik. Along with the commissioning of new hospitals have been renovated and expanded the old, built new clinics, antenatal clinics, two children’s clinics, two dental clinics.
Medical faculty currently consists of 17 faculties, 3 of which are medical and biological profile (normal and pathological anatomy, normal and pathological physiology, microbiology to pharmacology) and 14 clinical departments (3 therapeutic 3 surgical, children’s diseases, obstetrics and gynecology; infectious diseases with the course of dermatology, psychiatry, neurology and addiction, general practice, gerontology, public health and public health). On a specialty “Dentistry” has 4 department (preventive dentistry, pediatric dentistry, surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, orthopedic stomatology). In addition, the Medical Faculty of classes conducted by teachers of other departments of the university faculties. This is mainly the Department of Humanities and economics (national history, philosophy, economy. Psychology and pedagogy, cultural studies of foreign languages, physical culture and sports, political science and sociology, as well as the Department of Biology and General Physics combination of professional and humanitarian training allows you to prepare well educated . Head physician alumni rural outpatient clinics, many are successfully working in the health care level – district physicians, internists, pediatricians, TB specialists and obstetricians.


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