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About Kazan State Medical University

Doctorance Career Guidance has been causing students for MBBS/MD/MS in KSMU since many last years and that we usher in some helpful info for college students United Nations agency would like to require admission & study in KSMU.
With two hundred years of expertise in medical coaching, KSMU is with reason a global University. Around 700 students from quite fifty seven countries round the world study here and half them study in English. Moreover, we've an oversized cluster of scholars from neighboring and remote regions of Russia. we have a tendency tosquare measure proud that Kazan graduate school is enticing for teens from completely different components of the globe. that's why our priority is support and take care of international students. There square measure quite5500 medical students, clinical residents and interns, nine colleges, sixty five departments, workers of quite 1500.
For most students selecting a university, it's the primary vital call they create as adults, and it's one that shapes and influences each their gift and future life.
If you wish to attend a remote university, you'd become a part of a minority. but you'd tend the chance to satisfy and create friends with different students from everywhere the globe – each native students and different members of the university’s international population. You may learn the way to handle obvious challenges, like language barriers, and being removed from home. However maybe you'd learn most from the additional nuanced aspects of cultural variations – as well as tutorial ones also as social ones.
Picking one university to attend could be a actually overwhelming alternative for a few. Among myriad faculties everywhere the globe, students and oldsters alike stress regarding selecting the correct one. We have a tendency to gift you the most info regarding Kazan State Medical University and admission for facilitate your alternative.
The programs for medical specialty (M.D appreciate M.B.B.S), medicine and Pharmacy square measure righteously in depth and updated. Every subject begins with finding out of the unwellness and stress is set on medicine, etiology, pathological process, pathological physiology, and pathological morphology, and clinical image, strategies of laboratory and instrumental examination of a patient, diagnoses, differential diagnoses, complication, prognosis, treatment and hindrance. Latin terms square measure given in line with the International word of various specialties. Throughout the amount of coaching students square measure educated special subjects: in succession they learn theoretical (from first to third year) and clinical fundamentals (from fourth to sixth year) and acquire necessary sensible skills. Each stage of coaching builds a foundation to climb up to successive level. The teaching method includes approach, starting with lectures proceeded by laboratory and sensible work on hospitals in conjunction with full examination of patients, clinical duties etc. in conjunction with meticulous teaching equal stress is set on conversational, tests, quizzes, examinations, state examinations, final knowledge domain take a look at, oral answers, laboratory and written works, MCQ-tests, recording of case histories additionally type the a part of daily activity.

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Fee Details

1st year 2nd year to 6th year
6300$ 3900$
However in first year, an admission package is offered to the students which covers following:
  • Invitation processing Fee
  • Admission Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • One time charge annual Fee
  • Examination Fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • Visa Extension Fee
  • Medical Checkup
  • Medical Insurence
  • Equivalence certificate fee (from ministry of education)
  • Documents preparation (documents translation and notary certification, medical examination etc.)