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List of Top MBBS Medical College in Belarus for Indian student

Grodno State Medical University|Best University| Medical college in Belarus |Low Fees

Doctorance Career Guidance Pvt. Ltd. has been sending students for MBBS/MD/MS in GSMU since several recently last years and we bring in some useful information for students who wish to take admission & study in GSMU.Guaranteed Admission to Grodno State Medical University,top MCI approved MBBS medical university in belarus at low cost,reserve your seat Now.You can easily find the list of top mbbs colleges in belarus for indian student also find the government MBBS college in belarus,mbbs medical college in patna.

The Grodno State Medical Institute was established in 1958, the first enrollment of freshmen amounted to 250. On October 1, 1958, the Grodno State Medical Institute commenced academic studies (the first lecture was delivered by Prof. D.M.Golub from Minsk in Human Anatomy), and on October 15 the first sitting of the Academic Council took place. To the first Institute administration belonged L.F.Supron – Rector (1958-1962), N.I.Arinchin – Vice-Rector for Research and Academic Affairs (1959-1960), V.I.Garusin – Vice-Rector for Management and Administration (1958-1961), G.I.Kiriliuk – Dean (1958-1962). Over the passing 36 years (from 1962 to 1998) the Institute was governed by Prof. Dmitri Maslakov. In 1964 the first 248 doctors graduated from the institute, 22 graduates were granted Honors Diplomas.In the year of the 1960s the first typical halls of residence were built, in the middle of the 1980s the first hall of residence of bearing-wall construction was put into service.list of top mbbs colleges in belarus for indian student,best mbbs college in belarus,government mbbs colleges in belarus,cheapest mbbs college in belarus,Top university in belarus,Grodno State Medical University,Top mbbs medical college in patna,Top mbbs medical college in jaipur,Top mbbs medical college in uttar pradesh,Top mbbs medical college in uttarakhand. According to data last 50 years, the Institute (and then the university) graduated over 16,000 physicians and graduate nurses. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus increased considerably enrollment in the University over recent now-Top mbbs medical college in delhi.

Mission of the University: Training of the specialists in demand with high academic, professional, social and individual competences in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics. Development of the fundamental and applied sciences in the field of population health promotion; development of new technologies and their implementation in experimental, prophylactic and clinical medicine.
Vision: Gaining of the status of the leading educational center in the health care system of Grodno region, Republic of Belarus and other world countries by means of training of highly qualified specialists in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics and by means of development of the fundamental and applied sciences in medical and social science.

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Fee Details

1st year 2nd year to 6th year
6000$ 4200$
However in first year, an admission package is offered to the students which covers following:
  • Invitation processing Fee
  • Admission Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • One time charge annual Fee
  • Examination Fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • Visa Extension Fee
  • Medical Checkup
  • Medical Insurence
  • Equivalence certificate fee (from ministry of education)
  • Documents preparation (documents translation and notary certification, medical examination etc.)